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Why Settle For Less?

Dreaming of achieving something and setting a goal to make it a reality is an important part of personal growth. With the advent of AI as a tool in the classroom, both educators and students have an opportunity to strive for more, rather than settle for less. This innovative technology is opening doors for engaging lessons, deeper critical thinking, and preparing students for the future where AI is expected to play a significant role.

I am always looking for ways to incorporate students’ personal interest into my lessons. Thanks to AI, I can now find creative ways to insert these interests into my lessons, resulting in more enthusiastic and engaged students. For instance, using students’ interests like sports, video games, music, or popular TikTok trends, I can create interesting questions, projects, and stories that students will be more eager to answer. This makes relatable content for the classroom and also assists me in subject matter where I may have little or no knowledge.

Students also benefit from AI by receiving immediate feedback on their questions. I recently used ChatGPT in my class while teaching the concept of lateral surface area. The students were able to ask questions, discuss responses, and generate new questions based on the answers received. While AI will never replace me as a teacher in the classroom, it does provide students with a convenient and quick way to get answers to individualized questions, allowing them to dive deeper into a particular topic.

I recall my own experience of learning to type on a typewriter in high school, only to be faced with desktop computers in my senior year. My typing teacher was both excited and overwhelmed by the new technology, much like the current situation with AI. As the world changes, we must embrace new tools and platforms, even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones. We live in a world where AI is providing students with more opportunities to learn and grow so why settle for less?


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